Zink Wicked Series Crystal Pot Call

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The Wicked Series Pot is the only custom pot call on the market constructed from impregnated wood. This process blends acrylic into the Brazilian cherry pan to pack incredible sound quality inside a completely weatherproof design that won't warp or swell. Flip the call over to benefit from the built-in sweet spot " a second calling surface designed specifically for super soft, close-range calls. Also on the back, the integrated striker conditioner simplifies fine-tuning your striker in the field. The no-slip grip rounds out the features for a dependable hold with or without gloves.

  • Weatherproof design won't warp or swell
  • "Sweet spot" calling surface for soft, close-range calling
  • Traditional design and modern technology deliver unmatched sounds
  • Hand-built and hand-tuned
  • Easy grip ring
  • Built-in striker conditioner