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Bring Em In

An all-around early season lure that will attract early season bucks and does and will maximize your early season success.


This lure will attract both bucks and does in order to keep the scrap fresh for dominant bucks curious of the intruder and hot does looking for a mate. This is a great lure for game camera locations. CLIMAX is recommended from the end of September until the end of your season.

Hot To Trot

The HOT TO TROT can be used on decoys or as a drag line on the way to your stand.

Rutz Up

RUTZ UP is recommended during the pre-rut until the end of rut season. This lure has been known to attract bucks of all ages.


The purest form of estrus doe urine on the market. From the time of collection for up to one year the estrogen levels of this patented product will not drop below 94% making this the hottest, purest, most potent doe urine available.


The pre-orbital gland is the trench-like slit found on the bare skin around the whitetail's eye. This waxy secretion give whitetails a distinct identity and contains pheromones that gives away communication amongst each other. The older the buck, the more he uses his pre-orbital gland to mark licking branches, tree rubs, and authentic breeding scrapes. They can be used anytime or anywhere and will last longer than a urine based lure.

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