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Quaker Boy Raspy Pro Pack Turkey Mouth Calls

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The Raspy Pro Pack from Quaker Boy is a three pack of turkey mouth calls that gives you a range of raspy hen sounds. It features one of each of the following raspy mouth calls in the standard tape and triple reed design: the Checkmate that produces medium to heavy rasp, the Cutter Magnum that produces medium to heavy rasp, and the Jagged Edge that produces heavy rasp. Triple reed and raspy hen sounds are often overwhelming to an old gobbler who has heard every sound in the woods. Additionally, deep raspy sounds carry well on cruddy weather days with rain and wind. 

  • Includes three calls

Cutter Magnum:

  • Three and half-light reeds
  • Medium to heavy rasp
  • Notch cut


  • Two and half light reeds
  • Medium to heavy rasp
  • Center checkmark cut

Jagged Edge:

  • Two and a half light reeds
  • Heavy rasp
  • Five triangle cuts