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Montana Decoy Wiley Tom

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Wiley Tom uses a hi-res strutting gobbler photo on durable fabric making it ultra light and ultra realistic. It’s collapsable and up to 4.5x lighter than bulky competitor models made of rubber and plastic - making it the top strutter decoy for run-n-gun turkey hunting.

  • Between 2.5x and 4.5x lighter than top competitors - we challenge you to compare weights.
  • Collapsable - folds up for transport in vest even with feathers. No bulk.
  • Easily add your real tail and wing feathers additional texture and detail - and still collapsible.
  • View thru window for visibility when reaping
  • Versatile stake designed for traditional set ups or reaping.

A NOTE ON SAFETY: Turkey reaping and gobbler decoys are very effective, but should only be applied on private land where, if there happens to be multiple hunters, everyone is aware of each other’s location at all times.