Fin Finder F-31 Bowfishing Ready To Fish Package

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The F-31 features the RTF package with Sidewinder Drum Reel. 

The Fin Finde 31" works great for all archers thanks to its 31" draw and 25 – 40 lb. adjustable limbs.

The 30" axle-to-axle platform is compact and maneuverable whether bowfishing from the boat or a bank. The zero let off cams feature a smooth draw, while the deep-groove cams allow for a clean release even when snap shooting at odd angles and in quick-draw scenarios.

Package Includes:

  • F-31 Winch Pro Packages 
  • Sidewinder Bowfishing Reel
  • Current Arrow Rest
  • Pre-installed Finger Savers
  • Raider Arrow
  • Riptide Point

31" draw length w/ zero let-off cams
25-40lbs adjustable limbs
Ready-to-shoot bowfishing bow