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Drury Outdoors Signature Tongue Cutter Plus Mouth Call

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If you are looking for a turkey mouth call you can trust, trust the mad man himself and check out the sweet mouth call designs between DOD & Hunters Specialties. 
  • Designed by 6-time World Champion Mark Drury and approved by the DOD Team the new Tongue Series mouth calls are designed with cutting edge technology.
  • Mark has found that by tightening up the reed spacing and leaving a flat tongue instead of a pointed tongue he gets more performance out of this new series of mouth calls as will you.
  • The Tongue Cutter Plus is a typical Cutter call cut Mark designed back in the 80’s with his signature notch & .5 Inverted V.
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Hand stretched on the HS precision press.
  • 3 reeds of .003 latex
  • Tongue Series, unique flat tongue cuts.
  • Extra tight reed spacing.
  • Cutter call with Mark Drury Signature notch plus .5 inverted V