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Hunters Specialties Tone Tough Pro 2 Pack Turkey Diaphragms

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H.S. Strut Tone Trough Pro Diaphragm Turkey Call 2 PK - A great combo for experienced or developing turkey hunters, this combo lets the caller switch back and forth to create an effective variety of true-to-life turkey hen calls and sounds. Both the Cutt'n 2.5 and Split V II calls feature thin Infinity Latex reeds with unique reed separation and H.S. Strut's Tone Trough design. This unique mouth call construction makes call placement easier and directs air over the reeds, helping create the perfect pressures for quality calls and consistent tones with less effort. The calls' Premium Flex frame offers more comfortable use and better shape retention than other frame types for perfect calling pitch time after time. Moisture resistant for longer life. The Tone Trough Cutt'n 2.5 features 2-1/2 reeds with a cutter-style notch in the top reed for good rasp and volume. The Tone Trough Split V II features 2 reeds with a modified split V cut in the top reed that's great for helping callers produce the yelps and cuts of an excited hen.

  • 2 pack of easy-to-use mouth calls for turkey hunters
  • Tone Trough turkey call - directs air over the reeds for easier, more consistent calls
  • Premium Flex frame - comfortable to use, retains shape for consistent performance
  • Infinity Latex reeds - requires less air pressure for more realistic sound
  • Cuttn 2.5 2.5 reeds with a cutter-style notch in the top reed
  • Split V II - 2 reeds with a modified split V cut
  • Moisture resistant for longer life