Bog Hunting

Bog Hunting Adrenaline Bipod Shooting Sticks

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The Bog Adrenaline Bipod Lever Lock Series is engineered for the unknown. The Adrenalin Bipod sticks are designed for various hunting situations. Whether its hunting turkeys in a blind, mule deer in the mountains, or whitetails in the midwest the Bipod sticks are a great option. The Adrenaline sticks were built with, versatility, stability, and portability in mind. Featuring lever leg locks, retractable metal foot spikes and the patented Switcheroo system. The user can allot for quick changes between optics and accessories thanks to the Switcheroo system and USR shooting yoke. 

  • 360 Degree Rotating Head
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum
  • Standing, kneeling, sitting positions
  • Collapsed Height 23.5"
  • From Bottom to base USR is 71"
  • 2.49lbs