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Antler King Turnips 1lb Bag Plants 1/8 Acre

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The Antler King® brand Turnip can be planted as a stand alone food plot or mixed with other forage — such as Clover, Chicory or other cereal grain.  Best planted in July through September for a great hunt plot. Deer generally will consume the “greens” and then eventually dig out the turnip bulb to eat.

  • This variety can be very high in protein.  We have tested this variety and found it to be in excess of 20% protein in February.
  • Ideal pH range is 6.0 to 7.0.
  • 1Lb. Covers approximately ⅕ acre.
  • Plant seeds ½ inch or less deep.
  • Use 19-19-19 fertilizer, or use Antler King® PLOT MAX soil conditioner and Antler King® JOLT Foliar Fertilizer.r