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Antler King Clover Fuel Liquid Fertilizer (32 oz.)

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Supercharge your food plots with all-new Clover Fuel. Clover Fuel will help your food plots grow faster, grow thicker and last longer!

  • Designed specifically to enhance the performance of any legume-based food plot including: Clover, Soybeans, Alfalfa & Peas
  • Can be used effectively on new and existing food plots
  • Can be mixed with other chemicals such as Plot Mix or grass killers

On new plots use 2 bottles of Clover Fuel along with 20 gallons of water for each 1-acre plot PRIOR to planting. For existing plots, and for new clover plots, once the plants emerge, use 1 bottle with 10 gallons of water per acre.

Antler King’s ® Clover Fuel is the FIRST liquid fertilizer for legumes (clovers, soybeans, and alfalfa) that can be used prior to planting AND after plants emerge. Use 2 bottles per acre prior to planting and one bottle per acre per month after plants emerge. Clover Fuel will only benefit the clover plants and NOT grasses and weeds in your plot.

  • Easy to use, just add water
  • Will not burn plants as granular fertilizer can
  • Economical way to boost tonnage and longevity of Clover and Alfalfa plots
  • Can be mixed with other chemicals and applied to your plot