Antler King

Antler King Booner Buffet 3lb Bag Plants 1/4 acre

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High Tonnage Perennial Alfalfa & Clover Mix

Booner Buffet™ is a premium perennial food plot mix that features two multi-leaf alfalfa varieties known for their huge protein-packed leaves (and minimal stalk) along with clover, chicory and rape. This food plot mix is designed specifically to produce the tonnage necessary to keep deer on your property and to grow massive antlers. Booner Buffet is cold tolerant and drought resistant so it will last through the rut. This high protein mix will be your deer’s favorite food source as it’s readily available from spring through early winter. The multi-leaf alfalfa varieties are designed to take heavy grazing yet keep on growing.

  • Stays green through the rut
  • Contains cold tolerant alfalfa and clover plus chicory and rape
  • Multi-leaf alfalfa varieties feature extremely large leaves to withstand heavy grazing
  • Thrives well from north to south