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Alps Outdoors Long Spur Deluxe (Mossy Oak Obsession)

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The Long Spur Deluxe includes all of the great features of ALPS Long Spur but also has an added bonus of a removable, thick-padded memory foam seat that easily folds away. The rear-facing lumbar pack offers 500 cubic inches of storage, a fully removable shoulder harness with a large game bag, and a removable padded waist belt with two zippered pockets. There are two removable chest pockets that include a box call pocket, two slate call pockets, five shell loops, two mesh mouth call pockets, and locator call pockets. For added convenience, a removable protective diaphragm call pocket is also included. The Long Spur Deluxe is extremely adjustable and can easily be customized to fit whatever situation may arise while out in the field.

•Versatile Turkey Hunting Vest System

•Removable shoulder harness with large game bag

•Removable 3" memory foam fold away seat

•Removable padded waist belt with zippered pockets

•Removable protective diaphragm call pocket

•Fully adjustable with multiple webbing strap options

•Easily removable lumbar pack for run n' gun style hunts

•Two removable chest pockets include:

  • Protective and silent box call pocket
  • Two slate call pockets
  • Five shell loops
  • Two mesh mouth call pockets
  • Locator call pockets