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Alps Outdoors Grand Slam Turkey Vest Mossy Oak Obsession

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Turkey hunters need a vest that allows them maximum comfort and storage space when chasing spring thunder. The Grand Slam Turkey vest is one of the best turkey vest designs available to hunters featuring state-of-the-art features. The "sit anywhere" kickstand frame, thick padded fold away seat, a smartphone sleeve that allows you to use your phone while it's still in the pack, and a removable diaphragm call pocket are among many of the options this vest delivers. Other features include shell loops, H2O compatibility, side compression straps, two water bottle pockets, detachable shoulder straps, and a protective and silent box call pockets adjust to different body types. Don't leave the truck forgetting anything. The Alps Outdoors Grand Slam Turkey Vest gives you the best-in-class options for comfort and useability. 


•Sit-anywhere removable kickstand frame

•Swivel feet prevent sinking

•Removable, padded 2.5"-thick fold-away seat

•Removable, protective diaphragm call pocket

•Detachable shoulder straps for maximum shooting comfort

•Two slate call pockets

•Breathable game bag

•Striker pocket holds three strikers and one larger locator call

•Locator call pocket

•Smartphone sleeve allows you to use phone while in pocket

•Protective and silent box call pocket

•Five shell loops

•H2O compatible

•Large game bag

•Two side/water bottle pockets

•Two mesh zippered pockets inside of vest

•Side compression straps adjust to different body types