2022 Rungu Dualie™ Standard

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E-bikes are becoming a huge part of hunting gear options.  The chance to move to and from your stand with absolute silence without tiring yourself out and getting sweaty. We have a great opportunity for Raised Outdoors Customers with Rungu E-bikes- the dual wheel e-bike system. 
  • Rungu® Dualie™ Standard’s patented Double Wheel design outperforms any single-front-wheel e-bike off-road where it matters – in slimy mud, through soft snow, on deep sand and over scree and rocky terrain.
  • Dualie descends better, too! Dualie’s Double Front Wheels control descents better using dual front-wheel disc brakes for twice the stopping power of conventional e-bikes.
  • Dualie’s 75/25 weight distribution and “Total Control” wheelbase keeps more traction on the front wheels.  Therefore, more front-end grip allows turns on soft and slick terrain and avoids washouts and wipeouts common with conventional e-bikes.
  • Rungu Dualie’s unique “Straight Up” climb-ability lets you stay seated climbing grades of more than 50%!
  • Our industry-leading, 52V mid-drive motor coupled with a first-gear ratio of 1:1.67 achieves up to 242 ft-lbs. of torque at the rear wheel!  Real muscle to tackle real off-road challenges.
  • The Dualie corrosion resistant aircraft aluminum frame supports up to 350 lbs. of load for all weather and all-season performance.  In addition, the optional Cargo Rack can tow up to 300 lbs. using the optional 2” ball hitch.

Note: Rungu Bikes services all purchases. All e-bike purchases are subject to different shipping times if coupled with different items.